60’s Hold Em

We’ve all at some point been asked that silly question “If you could travel to any period of time, what would be?” And though it may not be your personal first choice, it certainly is the post popular one. The 60’s had an affect on modern culture that packed such a powerful punch that it’s still strongly felt everywhere today… and fashion is DEFINITELY no exception. The 60’s is the decade that opened a floodgate which allowed men and women to be daring, expressive and far more experimental with their appearances than was ever accepted before. So understandably, 1960s inspired fashion never strays to far from women’s modern fashion and can be spotted in every upcoming season in the form of a reboot or revision.

Female fashion head gear for the past few years has been nearly dominated by 60’s influence especially in with hair trends. The use of bright colored scarves to hold back hair has been on the rise again, and women are finding more ways to add adornment to their hair. Leather and metal head bands worn low across the forehead have started reaching out from the depths of trends typically reserved for festivals and summer.

The era responsible for the musical Hair will always have some say in popular hair trends. Currently early 60’s hair fashions of old such as teasing and bumped up hair are becoming consistently more common in casual daily wear. And natural waves remain a summer time favorite.

The popularity of jeans amongst the masses arguably wouldn’t exist today without the 60’s. Prior to that era they were simply the uniform of the working man but in the second half of the 60’s they began their transition into mainstream fashion and hold a highly respected position that they have yet to step down from. As of late, there have been signs of the possibility of flared jeans returning in the near future, but the trend that has heavily saturating current fashion is high waist pants which are no longer reserved for just soccer moms.